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Cashing out your production

Welcome to Cashing Production Portal

Too busy creating more films? Cannot make it to the market in person? Not experienced in selling your films?


Here to help!

We invite you to take an active part in the IBFF Film Market by renting your space in the event, which enables you to meet hundreds of film buyers and sellers. But we appreciate that not every film seller will have enough time or resources to attend in person or to deal with buyers and all the paperwork and legality around selling films.

We market and sell your films

Submit your production, supply some needed materials and authorize us to market and sell your films for you. Our Market manager and skilled advisers will be in contact with you

How much does it cost?

The marketing service is FREE of charges unless we successfully sell your production. We market your films to potential buyers and we negotiate the terms and numbers with your consent and advice on your behalf. In case of sales our expert team of lawyers deal with the legal matters and we prepare the paperwork on your behalf. We only charge a small percentage out of the final sale

NOTE: Please submit a film for the Film Market ONLY if you have the full rights and authority to sell the production you intend to submit and you are authorized to pass the authority to a third party


Please contact us if you need more information or help.

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