Int'l British Film Festival jury member

Adam Richards

Fight Director, Stunts, Producer, Actor, Writer & Cinematographer


Son of former SBS Ronald Adams, also a descendent of the English Samurai William Adams, began training at a very young age in unarmed combat. He also had the honour of competing for the Wushu British Team.

Throughout his young teenage and adult life he has trained with many great Wushu masters including “Ranjit Dhillion and grand master Chee Soo”.

At the age of 17 following a dream he travelled to Hong Kong to train in Kung Fu. Fate had it and while on a trip to a film studio he met Jacki Chan and had the opportunity to work on a couple of his films.

On his return to the UK his dream was to pursue a career in stunt work. This began with stunts for the TV show and film as the Red Power Ranger and many live shows and appearances as the Red Ranger. Following this was his break into stunts for many blockbuster films including Saving private Ryan, Gulliver's travels, Band of Brothers as well as many UK TV shows.

With the success and fulfilment of the stunt work he has branched himself out writing action scenes for Bollywood and beginning to pursue a career in directing and producing his own movies. years experience on the stunt register performing both film and stage, his passion for martial arts, creator of his own style “Kuen Tao”, Seven different Black Belts, weapon skills and love of fight directing have enabled him to gain high recognition throughout the world for his passion, experience and determination.


Recent work