Int'l British Film Festival jury member

Kieran Suchet

Actor, Writer & Head of Media Arts at the University of Oxford


Following the family tradition, Kieran has been performing since childhood. He has acted in theatrical performances throughout Europe and North America and won Best Newcomer at the Folger Shakespeare Festival in Washington DC. He went on to read Drama at the University of London and also studied at the National Film & Television School (NFTS). He has enjoyed seasons with the New Shakespeare Company at the Regent's Park Open Air Theatre; played Edmund Blackadder at the Reading Hexagon Theatre and more recently Julius Caesar in Oxford. As well as acting, Kieran is an avid writer and currently heads up the Media Arts programme at the University of Oxford.

Kieran has followed in the footsteps of his father John (ITN & Classic FM) and his uncle David (Agatha Christie's Poirot) and carved out his own path across the Media landscape.

For over twenty years Kieran has performed drama and comedy to audiences around the globe and he has developed a large network of Blue-chip clientele from his presenting and voicing work.

As well as being a professional performer, Kieran also teaches his craft at the University of Oxford.


Being a versatile actor, he switches effortlessly between drama and comedy. His recent theatre roles have been Julius Caesar and Edmund Blackadder, while on screen he has played both a sadistic hitman and an unwilling zombie slayer!

Kieran also has an impressive presenting portfolio. His smart delivery makes him a popular choice for Blue-chip company videos, and he also fronts many e-learning applications. He has presented a season of This is English language and culture show for Spanish speaking audiences and he also fronted the pilot episode of conspiracy theory-based gameshow I Want to Believe!


He has a large portfolio of ongoing Voice-Over projects. He has voiced for some of the largest organisations in the world, such as the NHS and the Armed Forces. He has voiced numerous digital interactive videos and has also leant his voice to NGO and charitable organisations.

On a more comedic front, Kieran has recently appeared on the highly successful Victoriocity podcast, playing the obnoxious and eccentric Commodus Bell.


For several years, Kieran has been putting pen to paper as a screenwriter. His work spans many genres, from period biopics to comedies and he has several short films and plays under his belt. He recently worked on the Writing the Pilot course at the NFTS; he is a Script Consultant for the Thousand Films writing competition; and he continues to collaborate with other writers and production companies on both his and their projects.

His writings so far include a feature length biopic on the life of Irish politician Noel Browne, and his seminal battle against the Irish Establishment to provide free healthcare for mothers and their children.

Another of his works is a 6 part mini-series on the life and times of Edmund Kean; a fabled but controversial Hanoverian actor who dominated the London stage until his tragic and untimely death.

He has both a TV short and stage adaptation of Edgar Allan Poe's The Tell Tale Heart, its theme of perception and exploitation brought into contemporary times by addressing the scourge of sex trafficking.

He is also a Director of his production company Fruit Bat Films; a place where his work can find its best way forward with like-minded creatives.


Kieran was approached to deliver the Digital Media courses at the University of Oxford. He is currently responsible for devising and delivering practical courses ranging from film making and podcasting, to programming and media training for those academics who will appear on radio and television. It is a dynamic and distinguished arena in which Kieran can impart his knowledge and experience among the brightest in the world.

Prior to Kieran's inspiring work at the University of Oxford, he spent many years training executives at Blue-chip multinationals such as GlaxoSmithKline, Cadbury, Schweppes and Siemens, among many others. His work focussed on improving their inter-personal communication skills and also enabling them to deliver presentations and seminars in the high pressure world of international business.