British Film Festival Events:
More than just awards

Festival of concentrated opportunities, communication, knowledge sharing, celebration, glorifying international culture and fun!

Important COVID-19 update

Read 2021 events schedule updates due to Coronavirus ⇢

Opening Day Red Carpet

IBFF Red Carpet
See COVID-19 Update

Watch your favourite movie stars walking on the Red Carpet on the opening day of the Festival. Perhaps get a selfie or an autograph!

Film Market

IBFF Red Carpet
See COVID-19 Update

Find buyers for your film, meet talented filmmakers you can buy from, or on selected days, Market Hall Pass holders get an opportunity to pitch directly to producers and executives.

Industry Networking

IBFF Networking Environment
See COVID-19 Update

Actors, directors, producers, agents, and everyone else working in the film industry gather to exchange business cards, knowledge and see the faces behind the names up close in the Festival Networking events.

Filmmaking Workshop

IBFF Workshops
See COVID-19 Update

As a Pass holder you can enjoy workshops and intros to IBFF courses.

Question & Answers

IBFF Question and Answers
See COVID-19 Update

Meet your favourite filmmakers and ask them your burning questions

Children's Festival

IBFF Children's Festival
See COVID-19 Update

IBFF created a dedicated section for Children's Films, with a discounted rate for parents and their children to enjoy a full day of big screen and public votes.

Closing Night: Awards

IBFF Awards Night
See COVID-19 Update

Nominees and winners in each category will be celebrated for their well-deserved achievements on the Award's night where national and international filmmakers take home their awards. Part of the winning films will be screened on the night

After Party Gala

IBFF Gala and after party
See COVID-19 Update

Great music, live performance! Grab some old friends, meet some new friends. Everyone is a winner at the Gala

Important COVID-19 Update: British Film Festival Events

Due to the British Film Festival 2021 taking place online, the following changes now apply to the 2021 events schedule (exceptional to 2021)

  • Red Carpet and After Party Gala events will not take place
  • Industry Networking and Film Market will now be solely online
  • Instead Questions & Answers, this year filmmakers and industry leaders will be sending exclusive videos for the Speakers Session event. These sessions will be published on the festival’s website

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