British Film Festival 2021
Scheduel changes due to COVID-19

Because Coronavirus pandemic is still ongoing, 2021 festival schedule is updated as following

Important COVID-19 Update

Because of the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, we are making a few changes in British Film Festival’s schedule for this year.

Film Submission Deadline
2021 festival is planned to be taken place entirely online.

We understand the unprecedented challenges filmmakers face to complete their work. Therefore, the new film submission deadline for the competition is 31 October 2021.

Online Revision and Judgement
In November 2021, the festival jury will consider and review all the film entries that are submitted successfully before the deadline.
British Film Festival jury will announce the list of winners on the “2021 Winners” page of the festival’s website.

Award Presentation
  • Winners: British Film Festival will post the winners’ Trophies to their addresses via a selected international courier.
  • Nominees: All shortlisted and nominees will receive their Official Selection certificates in the post.
  • Participants: We celebrate creativity and creation. All 2021 submissions will receive Authenticated Participant badge.

Since British Film Festival 2021 will be taking online the following changes are applied to 2021 events schedule:
  • Red Carpet and After Party Gala events are not taking place in 2021 exceptionally
  • Industry Networking and British Film Market are solely online for 2021
  • Instead Questions & Answers, this year Filmmakers and Industry leaders will be sending exclusive videos for Speakers Session event. We will publish these exclusive sessions on the festival’s website.

IBFF withdraws all tickets for all 2021 events. Since 2021 festival is taking place online, International British Film Festival does not sell tickets for 2021 events.

International British Film Festival is standing on your side in the most challenging time for our creative community.

You create amazing stories.

Pandemic or not, creation is unstoppable!

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