British Film Festival official ambassador

Amjad Suleman

Impetus Ventures BD, Al Royal Holding & Dionysus Studio


Amjad Suleman has been associated with the investment banking and Fintech industry for over two decades and has held Senior Management positions with Citigroup Investment Bank, Mizuho International, Wachovia, Redddot Capital and with management consultancy firms such as Sclumberger, Atos Origin and worked for prestigious company like De Beers - Diamond Trading Company.

Mr Suleman has garnered a tremendous degree of trust and integrity in the business community he serves both in the UK and abroad.

The key to his spectacular success in this endeavour has been due to three things, his extensive global network of high net individuals. excellent personal contacts with high ranking government officials and the desire to work hard to achieve set goals. His personal mantra to doing business is simple. "Ensure you earn your clients trust and confidenceā€.

Mr Suleman honed his entrepreneurial skills after obtaining his professional qualifications from the Investment Banking Institute of New York. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree from a prestigious UK university and is a proud graduate of the Cisco Academy, where he passed with distinction. He continues to develop his academic and professional skill sets and he has been awarded a scholarship and is currently in the process of completing a MBA programme in Chartered Banking Finance.

He sits on various international business Boards, with companies such as

He is also an ambassador at UK Film Educatiom Trust and VP UK Asia Business Council.

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