President of the Festival

Roseita Royce

Writer, Director and Producer

Jury of the Festival 2021

Ambassadors of the Festival

Professor Yu Xiong

Academic, Researcher and Serial Entrepreneur

Computer scientist, professor in various business schools across the UK. Active researcher with growing number of start-ups and companies. He published in top journals, and created business impact in multiple industries.


Amjad Suleman

Investment Banker, Fintech Expert, Dionysus Studio

Also ambassador at UK Film Educatiom Trust and VP UK. Has held Senior Management with Citigroup, Mizuho, Wachovia, Redddot Capital, Sclumberger, Atos Origin and De Beers - Diamond Trading Company.


The Festival's TEAM

Professor Yu Xiong

Caroline Finsterwalder
Board of Management

Jonathan Akselsen
Board of Management

Nora Trotta
Board of Management

Peter Connery
Board of Management

Rama Chandra
Board of Management

Balbir Judge
Business Manager

Andrew Winston
Legal Team - Advisor

Tahir Ashraf
Festival's Lawyer & Barrister

Madison Gray
Legal Team - Advisor

Nadezhda Drobinina
Event Marketing

David MacGillivray
Film Market - Sales Agent

Sara Davies Sadri
Senior Assistant to the President

Samuel Ferreira Rodrigues
Awards Manager

Anna Richardson
Administration & Staff Manager

Abdul Alim Samaha
Administration Team

Sae Oshiro
Sales Manager

Amara Nura Patel

Jesper Henriksen
Publishing Manager

Patrick Mayer
Personal Assistant to the President

Charlotte Slater
PR Manager

Michael Alves
Venue & Entertainment Manager

Carmen Jackson
Graphic Designer

Mina Hassani

Ruby Martin
Advertising Manager

Tony Flynn
Publishing & Advertising

Fabio Piazza
Lead Photographer

Tracie Saban
Casting Director

Claire Toeman
Casting Director

Ryan Royce
Marketing Manager

Harold Johnston
Developer - IT Manager

Brian McMillan
Front-End Developer - IT

Daniel Melo Carvalho
Web Designer - IT

Manuel Chandler
UX Designer & Coder - IT

Robert Warren
Back-End Developer - IT

Alfred Mortensen
Front-End Developer - IT

Jonathan Hale
Back-End Developer - IT

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