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BFF 2021 Award Nominee

Feature Length
TV Prog.

When Good Men Do Nothing

Nominated for Best Adapted Script


Steve Crawshaw




What connects a contract killer, international terrorists and a single mother from Brighton? Detective Sergeant Rob Steele is Sussex Police's only Firearms Positioning Forensics expert, a unusual and highly sought after skill. Rarely does he have to use those skills in Brighton, but when a body is found bearing all the hallmarks of a professional execution, Steele is brought in to run the investigation with his team, Karl, a small but bullish Scotsman with a genius for detective work, and Nat, a sharp, street-smart detective with complicated feelings for the widowed Steele. What begins as a murder investigation, however, swiftly becomes far more complicated as MI6 become involved, and soon Steele and his MI6 counterpart, Merrington, are battling to hunt down a group of terrorists hell bent on turning Brighton into bloodbath of horrifying proportions. Thus begins a race against time as Steele and his team fight for their very lives as they do everything in their power to prevent the worst from happening to the City they love. Thrown into the mix is an innocent young woman, caught up in events beyond her control as her life hangs by a thread, her only hope of survival the same officers already trying to prevent a terrorist plot. Will they succeed, or will the terrorists achieve their goals and leave the police to pick up the pieces of a devastated city? There's only one way to find out...




Adopted Story


Main Spoken Language:
Budget: Unknown/No Budget
Completion Date: Not provided
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