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IBFF 2021 Award Nominee



Nominated for Best Sound


Trust (2017) is a short British drama/ thriller directed by Kevin Bisbangian and based on a screenplay by Kevin Bisbangian and Judith Wyler. Starring Elika Ashoori, Michael Brazil and Max Obertelli, the film examines the value of trust in a life or death situation. A young girl is physically and mentally abused at the hands of her British Jihadist interrogators. Can she trust her interrogators? Can they trust her? What are the consequences when one misjudges the other?


Kevin Bisbangian, Judith Wyler


Kevin Bisbangian


Kevin Bisbangian, Didar Arslan, Ali Vagsi, Jane Miller, Susana Carrillo Soria.


Elika Ashoori, Max Obertelli, Michael Brazil.


Allesandro Leonardi, Michael Spray, Daniele Vilella, Gemma Chadwick, Pietro Giordano, Roberto La Piana, Masafumi Yamaguchi, Andrew Pegram,

Original Story

Selected Music

Main Spoken Language: English
Budget: Unknown/No Budget
Completion Date: 2017-08-01
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