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IBFF 2020 Official Selection


H O P E ?


6 people are fighting feelings of hope in a time when they believe to be alone. To keep themselves sane, each of them start a video-vlog in which they are presumed to speak to a long lost friend. During this time they find themselves with feelings of hope that could either bring them joy or pain. This raw and honest story explores how humans need others close to them and puts into perspective how vulnerable we are without those we love around us.



Julia-Maria Arnolds


Julia-Maria Arnolds


Julia-Maria Arnolds


Kristen T. King, John Love, Luke Aquilina, Georgie Rhys, Julia-Maria Arnolds, Christian Alifoe


Julia-Maria Arnolds, Michael Baumann, John Love, Georgie Rhys, Luke Aquilina, Christian Alifoe, Kristen T. King

Original Story

Original Music

Main Spoken Language: English
Budget: no budget (US$)
Completion Date: Not provided
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