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IBFF 2020 Award Nominee

Feature Length

Everest Wings

Nominated for 7 awards:
Best Feature Length Film, Best Director, Best Cinematography, Best Lead Male Actor, Best Special Effects, Best Visual Effects and Best Stunt Preforming Actors(Unisex)



Fay Yu


Fay Yu


Terence Chang, Fay Yu


HOW FAR WILL YOU GO, FOR SOMEONE YOU LOVE ? It’s a story of the pursueing for Love. A female mountain climber struggles to survive a fateful Mount Everest rescue mission while keeping her faith in love in the face of human evil.


Yakusho Koji, Jingchu Zhang, Austin Lin, Victor Webster, Noah Danby, Graham Shiels, Babak Haleky


Yiu Fa Lai (Cinematographer), Park Ilhyun, Shibo Qi (Production Designer), Kawai Kenji(Music), Tao Liu(Sound)

Original Story

Original Music

Main Spoken Language: Chinese, Englis
Budget: 16,825,780 (US$)
Completion Date: 2019-09-01
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