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IBFF 2020 Award Nominee

Feature Length


Nominated for 3 awards:
Best Feature Length Film, Best Original Script and Best Supporting Actor (Unisex)


Anjani Pandey, J Scott Vajner


Anjani K Pandey


Anjani K Pandey


TAGLINE: Randy wants to marry his dog, Koko. Is it for Love or Money or Something else? PLOT: "KOKO" is an extraordinary story of a young financial guru (Randy) who suffers a lifetime of heartaches only to discover that the one purest form of love was found in his only true companion… his dog (Koko). ​RANDY finds a new lease on life and love. As he heals from all of his wounds, he finds himself immediately bonding with Koko, like all pure and natural love does. Randy feels a connection so deep that the only way he can express his commitment to Koko is through the bonds of matrimony. As time goes on, Randy decides to file a court case to be allowed to legally marry Koko and so this tale begins…



Anthony Esposito, Dulaney Sundin, Rachel Willis, Travis Chase, Celia Isla, Sean Collins, Andrew Kranz, John Parsonson, Nautic Von Horn, Chhavi Gupta


John Williams, Chuck Terzian, Robert Hernaiz, Alex Vincent, Scott Sullivan, Leon Salem, Nautic Von Horn, Joanne Marinho

Original Story

Original Music

Main Spoken Language: English
Budget: $220K (USD) (US$)
Completion Date: Not provided
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