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IBFF 2020 Award Nominee

Student Film


Nominated for 4 awards:
Best Student Film, Best Lead Male Actor, Best Supporting Actor (Unisex) and Best Score Composition (Music)


Anke Bai, Yiru Chen


Yiru Chen


Kaiwen, Chen


Contemporary Shanghai, summer. Xia Qing, a boy who has been wearing Cochlear Implants due to hearing impairment, has a deep love for dancing. He gains so much joy just from copying Martha Graham’s hand gestures in a dance magazine. A kid with a precocious nature, he sometimes paints his pinky nail red just for that glimpse of beauty. Yet all these passionate pursuits are misunderstood and questioned by his single, deaf mother. Given the opportunity to audition for his favorite dance company once in a blue moon, he has no choice but to return to his body--He seeks his mother’s approval and longs to overcome this obscure self-identity crisis, through the silent language on his fingertips. 



夏青 汤祯昱 Xia Qing Yuzhen Tang 夏青母亲 朱莉娜 Xia Qing's Mom Lina Zhu 柳老师 刘明 Mr. Liu Ming Liu 上海阿姨 梁莹 Shanghainese Auntie Ying Liang 女学生 米兆妍 Student Zhaoyan Mi


导演 陈伊如 Director Yiru Chen 编剧 白安可 陈伊如 Writer Bianca Bai Yiru Chen 制片人 陈楷文 蒋雪涵 Producer Kaiwen Chen Xuehan Jiang 制片主任 姜天宇 Production Manager John Jiang 制片助理 王昊真 Associate Producer Haozhen Wang 执行导演 邵露雯 1st Assistant Director Luwen Shao 现场副导 潘怡宁 2nd Assistant Director Yining Pan 场记 林乐凡 Script Supervisor Lefan Lin 摄影指导 黄一川 Director of Photography Yichuan Huang 第一摄影助理 李佳宇 1st Assistant Camera Jiayu Li 第二摄影助理 许凯 2nd Assistant Camera Kai Xu 斯坦尼康操作手 张超毅 Steadicam Operator Chaoyi Zhang 跟机员 邵凌枫 壮壮 Equipment Assistant Lingfeng Shao Zhuang Zhuang 灯光指导 冉武隆 Gaffer Wulong Ran 机械师 张林波 徐家涛 廖豪 向然 Grip Linbo Zhang Jiatao Xu Hao Liao Ran Xiang 声音指导 王怀德 Sound Mixer Huaide Wang 声音助理 曹芸豪 Sound Assistant Yunhao Cao 话筒员 何靖宇 Boom Operator Jingyu He 美术指导 奕轩 Production Designer Xuan Yi 道具师 马明威 Prop Master Mingwei Ma 美术助理 潘怡宁 Art Assistant Yining Pan 造型指导 巩芮彤 Stylist Gwen Gong 造型助理 黄紫琦 Stylist Assistant Ziqi Huang 分镜头脚本 黄实 Storyboard Shi Huang 艺术手语指导 丁逸佳 Artistic Sign Language Instructor Yijia Ding 手语翻译 程莹 Sign Language Translator Ying Cheng 幕后记录 黄实 BTS Photographer Shi Huang 海报设计 徐昕玥 Poster Design Charlene Xu 场务组长 王肖 Craft Service Xiao Wang 场务助理 郭小松 赵朝阳 Craft Service Assistant Xiaosong Guo Chaoyang Zhao 司机 向海军 施景州 李中亮 阿关 Driver Haijun Xiang Jingzhou Shi Zhongliang Li Ah Guan 上海生动数码科技有限公司 Cornerstone Digital Technology Corp. 后期统筹 王克恭 Chief Coordinator Ko-Kung Wang 后期制片 陈冠豪 Post Producer Howard Chen 后期协调 李绍宁 Post Coordinator Li Shao Ning 近场DIT 李彰贤 Near-Set Lee Chang Hsien 调色指导 陈美缎 Chief Colorist Mei Tuan Chen 套底回批 李彰贤 胡恒雄 Online Editing Lee Chang Hsien Ash Hu 剪辑师 邱钰婷 Offline Editing Chiu Yuting 2D 特效师 朱翌萱 2D VFX Gilice Zhu 字幕制作 吴崇瑒 吴崇瑒 Subtitles Wu Tsung Yang Wu Tsung Yang 物料制作 吴崇瑒 吴崇瑒 Mastering Wu Tsung Yang Wu Tsung Yang 技术工程师 陈圣尉 Technical Support Engineer Chen Sheng Wei 拟音 东子 Sound Effect Dong Zi 混音 关睿 Sound Designer Gary Kwan 配乐 mafmadmaf (刘宇恒) Original Music Scoring mafmadmaf (Yuheng Liu) 出品 初潮映像电影工作室 Presented by Waving Tide Pictures

Original Story

Original Music

Main Spoken Language: Mandarin, Shang
Budget: $57,000 (US$)
Completion Date: 2020-04-30
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