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IBFF 2020 Award Nominee

TV Prog.

I Ran Away

Nominated for 2 awards:
Best TV Series and Best Adapted Script


Luba Balagova Kandour


Luba Balagova Kandour


Mohy Quandour


This is a story of a Russian woman, who, not believing that she will find understanding and support in her own country, flees to Britain. She believes that in London she will be able to move on with her destiny and career, achieve respect, because here, in her opinion, British society respect women. She accidentally meets a British born Indian guy who becomes her best friend; they have a common love for classical music and Poetry. The story develops into true and passionate love with a unique tension and allure. Apparently, there are many obstacles. So, it turns in to an impossible love story that develops unwittingly to finally overcome all obstacles. The cliché “Love Conquers All” proves to be true and the blossoming of a sublime love affair proves the cliché to be veritable. But the problems for the two lovers have only begun. The Russian woman who has fled to London is still married to a Russian Mafiosi type oligarch who will stop at nothing to punish his unfaithful wife. On the other side, the Indian original traditions put pressure on the hero to marry only his mother’s choice. The other complication is a teenage son who studies in a UK school and who is now under the custody of his mother. The story unfolds in a series of episodes with locations in both Russia and the United Kingdom encompassing dramatic conflict and perilous action.



Jack Loy, Senia Devine, Maria Dobrzhinskaya, Nisaro Karim, Oleg Hill, Aleem Kandour, Kazbek Kandour, Dmitry Turchaninov, Meeta Joshi


Jan Vrhovnik -DOP, Kevin Thompson – Sound Engineer, Amita Shankar, Larisa Khatsukova - Set designers, Kash Khan – Lighting, Phoebe Ann Strudwick -makeup, Anas Shapsug -Editor,

Adopted Story

Original Music

Main Spoken Language: English
Budget: USD 98.000 (US$)
Completion Date: Not provided
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